January 6, 2018

10 Simple "Passive Income" Ideas!!!

10 simple ideas to make money from home in your spare time.

Today we're going to list 10 simple passive income ideas that can generate a residual income for you. these are by far the best work from home jobs that will allow you to make money. Jobs from home are almost always the best business ideas to make money the easy way.

Lets get started:

1. Become a Notary Public 

Becoming a notary public in the U.S. is quite simple,  just contact your local state government agency register to become a notary public and pay the required fee, in Texas the fee is only $21 and the bond fee is around $75, check with your state for fee's and requirements. Notaries get paid per signature for certifying documents that are not recordable.

2. Create a Marketing Website 

Purchase a domain name, hosting plan and create your website, then start signing up to affiliate marketing programs and get links to place on your website to sell or market affiliate products.

3. Become a Drop Shipper 

Sign up for Merchant account on "ebay" or "Amazon" and began picking and placing products on "ebay" or "Amazon". Opt in to purchase bulk products from a wholesaler then ship them to "Amazon" or "ebay" and have them do order fulfillment for you. (Order Shipping) "Amazon" offers an "FBA" Merchant account which means (Fulfillment by Amazon), in other words you ship it to them and they fill orders and ship your product to your customers and they'll even handle your customer service on certain items.

4.  Investments or Peer-to-Peer Lending                     

Find low cost investments like "peer-to-peer" with a small minimum  deposit and began investing in short-term capital appreciation. (This is not Financial Advise)

5. Part-time "Uber" drive    

In your spare time drive for "Uber", use your car as a part-time taxi service with "Uber".

6. Have a Garage Sale 

Look around your garage for items that you don't use that are still in very good condition and have a garage sale, check your neighborhood civic club first for deed restrictions.

7.  Write a Book                  

Writing a book has become easier than ever these days, especially if you use the "Amazon Kindle" publisher, you could write an "e-book", or an "how to" book in your spare time and publish it on "Amazon".

8.  Make a "How To" Youtube video 

Make a video on how to do something, it could be anything,  there are tons of opportunities out there in this arena, for example there's a  lot of video's on cooking, baking, minor auto repair, wood working, arts  and crafts, sewing a sweater etc. Then monetize your video with a "Google Ads" campaign.

9. Freelance Photography 

Use a "DSLR" camera and a tripod and start doing freelance photography, weddings, birthdays, graduations, you can make a nice passive income this way.

10. Become a blog writer    

There are many ways to become a blogger, you could be a freelance blog content writer for an agency or create your on blog like this one then monetize it.

These are the best jobs from home and online income ideas that can surely make money with little effort required and best of all you can do them in your spare time.


R. Spears Marketing, LLC.


August 14, 2012

A Sure Way To Make Money Online For Free, No Gimmick

Welcome Guest,

This blog provides free information on how you can surely "Make Money Online". Work from home, be your own boss, make money with ease with online income. These jobs from home are by far the best business ideas.

     In order to "Make Money Online" you must first have your "Own Website" or blog.  There are many online sites that you can get help to "Make Money Online" if you sign up with them for a nominal fee.

    For example many offer a "Squiddo" (Cookie Cutter Site, example: "yoursitename.theirsitename.com").  However these are not considered "Top Level Domains", but with a top level domain name from for example; "Godaddy",  you can create your own website, monetize it and reap the benefits of the tremendous profits that can only be generated by a top level domain/website.

   Here, I teach you step by step how to build your own website, from purchasing of the domain name to hosting it on a server, to monetizing it by placing "Ad Earning Campaigns" (PPC or Pay Per Click) throughout your site once it becomes live on the net.

   This by far is the "Best Internet Home Business Idea" on the market, there is no other site that would offer this much info to you for free. Most people who have jobs from home are making money by having online income, jobs from home. This is the only way to truly live debt free, and make a lucrative income right from home in your spare time. Dare to be "Rich", follow this plan and you will have money to travel, go vacationing any where in the world and have purchasing power to live debt free. Most heavy traffic website owners make a residual income alone from their website of approximately $15,000 to $50,000 monthly.

   The information contained in this blog is very valuable, and Im offering it to you for free, when I first started there was no place on the internet like this where you could find this much information all in one place for free. 

Thanks for reading and prosperity to all.


R. Spears Marketing, LLC

August 13, 2011

Real Internet Home Business Thats Free

Real Internet Home Business Thats Free, No Gimmick, No Cost For These Tips:

     Are you looking to start your own Internet Home Based Business, but don't know how to start or where to get information? In this article I will teach you step by step how to start your own home business over the Internet. You will learn how to setup a simple website and how to monetize it, so that you can make a profit. I will also teach you simple steps on how to optimize your website for search engines.

     If you are totally "Newbee" to web-design and or Internet-commerce business, I would suggest before you get started here in the details below, that you take a look at my other blogs in this series,  where I explain the basics of "SEO" in my "How To Find Available Keywords".

     As stated above, if you are new to this, I can't stress enough how important it will be for you to take a look at my previous blog before you get started here, you can get to it quickly from the link above.

     The First step in setting up your "Home Based Internet Business" would be to decide in which market you would prefer your niche to operate. Next, what are you going to call your business?

Tip: you should have a unique domain name that is as closely identical to your "DBA" (Doing Business Advertisement) and your "Legal Entity" name as possible:

    Although, Im giving you this information for free and there's no charge, however, you will have to pay for your own "Domain Name", hosting, and "DBA" operating licenses, etc.

Note:  Please consult with an attorney and "CPA" regarding business entity establishing laws in your state before you get started.

    Now, the fee's for Domain Names is usually pretty cheap, most hosting companies will register "TLD" (Top-Level Domains) names for around $4.99 to about $14.99 a year depending upon the analytics of the particular keyword you wish to register, (That's Right I Said A Year), However, you may have to pay a little bit more for the hosting of your domain. Hosting is usually around $5.99 to $19.99 a month, but you will have to get that for the full year, so it should be around $100 to $239 or so. One of my personal favorites is "GoDaddy" which has great prices and is usually running a sale of 10% and sometimes 30% off of total purchase. Another great hosting option is "Hostgator".

Have an Idea for a "Dot Com" name? Search to see if that name is available in the search box below!
Make sure no one takes your name!

GoDaddy.com - Home of the $1.99 domain name

Note: If domain name is available don't hesitate to purchase it immediately, as others could be searching for the same "Catchy" phrase or domain name!...Registration is First Come, First Serve!

    Once you have purchased your domain name and hosting account services, you will be ready to start creating of your website. Now, if you are complete "NewBee" to web-design or "HTML"(Hyper-Text Markup Language) The below websites will help you get started to launch a basic instant page website for your organization or business. Further in this article I will explain the basics to "HTML",  and "WYSIWYG" (What You See Is What You Get) "HTML" Editing. But for now see the 5 below listed resources that will allow you to design simple web pages without having any "Coding" knowledge by using pre-designed themed templates.

    The below listed resources will allow you to create a simple website for your business, organization or any other activity. You will be able to create simple, beautiful and colorful websites without any programming knowledge using multiple pre-designed theme templates. Simply sign up and register with one of the below listed companies, fill in the blanks with your company or organizations name and info and pick your colors and background and you're up and running.  See list below:
  1. Wix
  2. Squarespace
    These are just a few of the many simple instant page website options that are available to get up and running with your website without any"HTML" editing knowledge. These companies offer the "WYSIWYG" functions for those who are "none web masters".

    You will also want to familiarize yourself with "FTP" (File Transfer Protocol) (See Fig.1 Below), it is the software you will be using to upload and download files  to and from your host server of your domain name, a process that makes adding images and files to your website simple (Publishing Files to your Website).

    The "FTP" software will give you a snapshot of whats already uploaded to your host server on one side of the screen and the local files on your computer hard-drive on the other. There are a few "FTP" programs available on the market today, one good program that's usually free to download as long as you agree to the license is "FileZilla".  However, most "one click install websites", with pre-designed theme templates offer a built in "FTP's", so you won't need an "FTP".

    One of the most widely used instant website page builders or pre-designed theme template sites is "Wordpress", because of its seamless and effortless compatibility with other website widgets or "API's" (Application Programming Interface). This allows web designers to create elaborate websites with "responsiveness" and portability among many devices and operating systems, examples include; desktops, smartphones tablets etc.

    "Responsiveness" is a website's ability to have scalability when viewed on many different devices. This is achieved mostly by using one of the many website themes offered by "Wordpress".  If you are on a website that was developed using a "Wordpress Theme" you might see the words "powered by Wordpress" in the footer section of that website. This means that the individual who created the website used a pre-designed "Wordpress Theme" or template to create the website.

    Some of the "Wordpress" themes are free and some come with a nominal fee but are well worth every dollar you spend on them.  Usually the free themes simply allow the user to just one click install, while the paid themes allow more customization to different aspects of the design and functionality.

    However, most of these themes are pretty much just "click and install theme" and your done, but some can be a bit more complicated, and are only advised to be used by web masters,  which is why I stress the importance of learning as much of the coding as possible.

    Here are some premium Wordpress website themes that are simply click and install that can be used on your web hosting sever:

1. Elegantthemes
2. Themeforest 
3. Themegrill

    Here are the Steps Again on "How to make a website", "Passive Income", or "work from home" and make money with an online job and the best part is that these business ideas are free:

1. Choose a domain name (get a dot com name)

2. Get a Hosting Plan (Optional, Not needed if you use Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, or Yola)

3. Follow my blog on "How to Find Available Keywords".

4. If your are using Wix, Squarespace, Weebly or Yola, simply register pay a nominal fee and fill in the blanks with all your company information, pick a theme and layout and you are done.

(For Wordpress Themes)

5. If you are using a "Wordpress" theme such as "Elegant Themes", Themeforest", or Themegrill then  you will need both a domain name (Step 1.) and hosting plan (Step 2.)

6. Once you have a domain name and hosting plan you will be given a username and password and your server ip address, then you will need to log into your "C-Panel" section of your hosting plan.

7. Then install your "Wordpress" theme, (Elegant Themes, Themeforest, or Themegrill etc)

8. Wait for your site to populate throughout the world wide web. (Usually takes several minutes)

9. Search for your domain's "URL" to visit your page, done!!

10. To monetize your website, become an "affiliate", of other  bigger websites like "Amazon" and "Google Adsense" place links that include your affiliate id on your new website.

Note, that there are some companies that offer to create websites for you but keep in mind that there will be a cost associated with having a company help you to build your website.  My purpose in this blog is to help you to get started without any cost other than the actual purchasing of your domain names, hosting and pre-designed theme template.

    Just follow the steps above for your internet based home business that's free and start making a very passive income from home. Its easy to start just follow this guide and you will know "How to make a website" for your home business while making a residual income right from home.

    No coding knowledge necessary, just use this tutorial and you are on your way to a supplemental income, also you can follow my blog "Monetize Your Site Now", and learn how to make multiple streams of passive income.

Figure 1. Screenshot (File Transfer Protocol)

Now lets look at some of the basics to "HTML" code. Below is a standard format for all "HTML" code including "XHTML". See example Below:

         1. <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"

         2. <html>
             <title>your web page title here</title>
             <meta keywords="your keywords here" />
             <meta description="a brief description of your website goes here" />
              <h1>your page heading</h1>
             <h2>your sub-heading</h2>
             <div your video or image>Place your video or images(JPEG) here</div>
             <p1>your first paragraph or text about your website or idea</p1>
             <p2>your second paragraph or text etc.</p2>(repeat <p2>, or <p3> if necessary)

   Line 1 is the document type declaration which is used to declare the type of coding used, in this case "XHTML" (Extensible Hyper-text Markup Language) and the language "English". This information is always the first line of code in any website, the "DTD" (document type declaration).

   For this lesson the we will refer to the enclosed < > as tags.

   Line 2 above is the called the opening tag for the "HTML" document.  "<html>"
Note that each set of tags above has an opening tag "<html>" and a forward slash in the closing tag "</html>", this is necessary to keep tags "un-escaped" or more less to inform your browser how elements should be displayed and when they come to an end. Now this is just basic "HTML" code there are many other more complex forms of coding that I won't be able to teach you in this lesson for example: PHP. ASP. AJAX, MySQL and Javascript. Also, there are basic "CSS" (Cascading Style Sheets) code that gives instructions to your browser that determines colors, shapes and sizes and basic functions that, again I cannot teach you in this lesson, but you can research them in your spare time.

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For more information, or if you need help with getting started, feel free to email me, due to the large number of request, you must subscribe to my blog in order to email me, and I will gladly help you or give you more info.

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